History of Star Planet Television


Star Planet Television  grew out of a desire that W. L. Lillard had to  create a stage for young people. It all started in 1971 when W. L. bought his first movie theater on the West Side of Chicago. There, a talent show was created on Wednesday’s for young people to expose their talents. W. L. saw children coming from as far away as Detroit, MI and other Midwestern cities, it was obvious that they weren’t coming for the $25.00 first place prize, but they needed their talents to be seen. W. L. convinced the program director of WCIU Channel 26 to allow him to produce and host a program called “Stars Of Tomorrow.” The show was a big hit and it lasted for five years.


In 1983, Star Planet Television was created and produced many projects that highlighted young people. Star Planet Television premiered “Straight Talk” in 1990, which was one of the highest rated programs in Chicago, It aired on channel 25 for nineteen years and has continued to air since that time on www.starplanettv.com. Star Planet Television is an Internet television station, which currently produces 24 hours of programming. Which currently ha in the works twenty six  programs that are airing and/or in production.


Today, Star Planet Television continues with the vision W. L. had back in 1971, giving people all over the world the chance to showcase their talents and films on starplanettv.com.


For information on how you can become part of Star Planet Television, call Denise McMullen, President with your dreams of broadcasting on Star Planet TV.




Denise McMullen, President


W.L. Lillard, C.E.O.